Philosopher-in-residence – an opportunity in business?

There’s a great article in the Guardian this week about the positive role philosophy graduates can plays in businessI work, therefore I am; why businesses are hiring philosophy graduates.

Your skills in questioning and truth-seeking are seen as a great asset to businesses to ensure  ‘business leaders interrogate the role played by their product or service in the global scheme of things, “not only to see whether something makes sense in the marketplace, but also to see whether its existence is actually justified”.’

If you’ve read any of the articles and blogposts written by Edinburgh philosophy grad Lee Madden, (now working as a consultant for EY ), you’ll know he’s long been an advocate of  philosophy critical thinking and questioning skills for effective business practice. You can read his take on this via his post on philosophy skills in the workplace.

He was also the inspiration behind the posters ‘Your Philosophy Skills in the Workplace

Your philosophy skills can be applied in so many different workplaces. Where do you want to use yours?

If you need a handy website to get you started on this – take a look at the webpage ‘Philosophy and your Future


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