Psychology in Business – it could take you places!

My last post highlighted how philosophy skills can be useful for business. This week we look at how you can put your psychology skills to good use in a general business context – (not just Occupational Psychology) and work in some interesting in places.

Recent Edinburgh psychology graduate Olga completed the Heineken graduate development programme, and has already worked in the Netherlands, Myanmar and Mexico, and will soon be off to Brazil for her next project.

Olga highlights the usefulness of

  • theories regarding group think, motivation, judgement and behaviour for explaining situations encountered in the work life, allowing deeper understanding, but also empathy for colleagues.
  • knowledge of personality styles and cognition can be of great help if leadership positions where people development are your aim
  • knowledge of perception and memory is a big advantage during presentations, idea pitching and even negotiations.

– as well as skills and insights gained from extra-curricular activities.

Read more on Olga’s career history, and how it has developed since graduating in psychology from Edinburgh in 2015, to a global career with Heineken in 2018.

And search for opportunities in a variety of different business areas via MyCareerHub and grad-job websites including:




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