My final post as career consultant with PPLS

This is my last day as career consultant to PPLS students – I’ve been working with the School since 2011 – and am now retiring after 20 years here at Edinburgh University.

It’s been great working with you, as individuals, in groups small and large, and via a variety of media – from blog posts,  newsletters, email, Twitter, Collaborate, webpages  and more. There will be a sadness in leaving this work behind, even as I look forward to new opportunities as I start a new stage in my life.

You’re an inspiring group of people to work with, and achieve great things. I’ve always particularly enjoyed the Life Beyond your PPLS degree event, as it gives me the opportunity to get a fuller story of your pathways after graduation. Check out these stories of your recent alumni via the PPLS Case Study blog.  – they make fascinating reading, and are full of useful ideas and advice from grads who were so recently in your shoes.

I’m passing the role to my experienced colleague Rebecca Valentine – you’ll be in safe hands. You’ll be hearing a lot more from Rebecca in the coming months as she takes up the role of supporting you in all things Careers-related during your time here at Edinburgh, (and for 2 years after graduation!).

And just before I sign off for good, I’ll use this final post to signpost you to your own school-specific web pages – a great place to get started on your career-research, if you haven’t already.

Farewell, and all the best for your future at Edinburgh and beyond.

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